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When I visited 2015 Music China, I was shocked by the guitar of the "Keiproe" brand that was exhibited here. "Keiproe" realized quality, playability, and looks at low cost. I visited the booth every day during the holding period to deal with "Keiproe" and negotiated. I have been engaged in the instrument industry for many years and I was aware of the difficulty of developing cost-effective guitars and the existence of a market that wants it. And we agreed with the manufacturer to promote the import and sale of this "Keiproe" guitar.

Even after that, I regularly set up a meeting place, squeezing out the idea to greatly improve the quality and playability of the guitar and stabilize it. It was the concept of completing the guitar in division work by overseas and Japan. "Keipro Guitar Works" project was launched as a joint project to tackle the challenge of not lowering cost performance and improving quality.

After the project was launched, we gathered all the elements such as guitar specifications and design - woods, parts, electric parts and so on, and worked jointly without compromising to improve quality. In that process, partners who have long been involved in the guitar industry - the opinions of Taiwan, South Korea and the USA designers and suppliers were also included.


And in "2016 Music China" "Keipro Guitar Works" was released officially. Performance by each artists at the stage set up at the booth with many prototype guitars on display was an event suitable for debut with a lot of attention.

In January 2017 WIRED MUSIC exhibited at NAMM 2017 held in Los Angeles, USA and exhibited the latest prototype of Keipro Guitar Works. In the NAMM where people from the world of music industry gather from all over the world. It's prototype gained great appraisal and many expectations were given to formal sales.

After that, further meetings were held and the final specification was decided with reference to many opinions obtained by NAMM.

And finally in July 2017, we were able to complete a satisfactory quality product.

As a final production process, we will process and paint North American and African timber at overseas guitar factory. And the body / neck which mounted the original parts ordered all over the world will be sent to Japan. Incorporate the body and neck in Japan, and further do nut grooving. After final set-up and confirmation of playability, only those that passed the quality check in Japan will be shipped.

This guitar that emphasizes playability is generously a high end class, sparingly using the finest wood for the design that was baptized. On the other hand, we aimed to use more guitar players by limiting the price to the limit.

We take pride in being able to satisfy all of the sound, looks, prices, all, if you pick it up.

I hope that all the Keipro Guitar Works user's guitar life will be further enhanced.


Keipro Guitar Works Project Leader 





August 05, 2017

It was published in a 'GAKKI Sommelier by Player'

It made an article about when we exhibited at SOUND MESSE 2017.

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